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Job Seeker : We bring you all type of jobs, no matter what of job type available legally. All is about to bring opportunities to everybody.


JobsFlare.com founded in 2012, managed by iXpert Global Group Sdn Bhd. JobsFlare.com is aiming to provide up to 1000 job opportunities in a week for various type of industries and experience levels starting in Malaysia and will gradually expand to other countries in South East Asia, Asia Pasific, Europe and USA.

We provide latest platform technology for easy and fast submission, FREE advertisement and offer the cheapest in town for highlighted Job Vacancy for employers. For job seekers, we bring all level of positions, experiences and industries.  In order to bring the opportunities to everyone, we provide the fastest job search engine that would easily help them to pair their talents with the most suitable job.

We believe that with our mission to provide more jobs opportunity at very low cost and effective time line, we believe that employers would be happy to partner with us and job seeker would be happy to use us as their trusted job bank platform and this would drive us to grow fast and offering more jobs vacancy to everyone all over the world.



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