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1) How do I get the information of Employers?

  • To get the Employers information you will need to register with JOBSFLARE.COM and login to jobseeker member area and you can get the information of employers.


2) Do I need to submit my resume to JobsFlare.com?

  • No.  Once you get the Employers info, you can submit your application directly to employers.


3) How do I apply for jobs?

  • Once you registered and logged in, you can get the employer information and contact or send them your resume via the information given.


4) How do I search jobs?

  • You can search job using quick search by entering the job title you wish to apply.


5) Can I change my phone number?

  • Yes you can change any of your profile but your login ID will not be effected.


6) Can I check my application status with employer?

  • Applications are direct to employer and, you are required to follow up with employer for your application status.


7) Why am I not getting any response from employer?

  • If you are not getting any response from employer, it is either your application is not received by them or you are not meeting the requirement they needed.  It is advisable that, you contact employer once you have sent your application, to confirm that they receive your resume.



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